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Refined Canine

Imagine being able to enjoy a calm, obedient dog. Enjoy the compliments you'll receive when you take your dog out on how well behaved they are. 

With this program, you don't have to imagine.  Our trainers work with you on instilling wanted behaviors, eliminating unwanted behaviors and strengthening obedience & reliability with your dog.

After a few short weeks of training & consistency your dog will come when called, no longer pull on leash, respond to commands the first time, say hi to people without jumping, behave politely in public and so much more! 

Why send your dog away for weeks on end to learn in someone else's home when your dog could be gaining a better understanding by learning in their own environment.


 Do You Want your Dog To:

-Settle during down times and meal times

-No longer counter surf 

-Walk calmly and gently by your side on leash

-Come when you call them, the first time

-Not react to other dogs or people 

-Stop barking at the windows

-Stop chasing the cat


-Have stronger responses to commands around distractions?


Program Details*:

-Two (2) Private Lessons per week for up to Four (4) weeks, One (1) in person lesson per week & One (1) virtual lesson per week; pup parents MUST be present and each lesson is about 40-60 minutes

NOTE: lessons consist of going over previous homework & current struggles,  fine tuning previously learned behaviors as needed, teaching new behaviors and brushing up on management & handling skills

-Up to Two (2) Fido's Fun Training Field Trips, to work on behaviors in the places you and your dog will want to visit most together; pup parents MUST be present

-Up to two (2) "Happy Hikers" Enrichment Hikes , to give your pups an appropriate outlet for their natural instincts; This is also a great way to work on recall and other behaviors around distractions; Pup parents are NOT required to be present ,but are welcome to come along!

Note: We go on hikes through varying local parks, and often use the AllTrails app to find great places for your pups to explore and just be a dog 

-Six (6) Months Ongoing Support Guarantee: includes up to two (2) virtual lessons per month & unlimited email, to give you peace of mind that we're just one message away should an issue arise.

NOTE: Ongoing support begins once the program lessons are complete or the contract reaches expired date, showing completion from the program; Ongoing Support lessons can be in person depending on Trainer availability

Included in your program:     

         -Weekly Report Card         

-Weekly Homework

 -Access  to Private Facebook Group

But wait, there's more!

You will also receive the following for your dog:  


-Appropriate Chew Toy

-Treat Pouch


-Slip Lead     

-Place Blanket


-Graduation Certificate (upon completion of program)   

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