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Canine Revolution RI Dog Trainer

The Complete Canine

Many families we work with express guilt for not being able to get their dogs the training or exercise they need due to frustration with "bad" behaviors.


Most of the dogs we work with have pushed their families past their breaking points. They end up accepting the unwanted behaviors, because it's easier than dealing with the mental chaos the battle of wills with their dogs bring. 

A lot of times we find families avoid walks, outings or having guests over so they don't have to deal with the embarrassment and struggle their crazy pup can oftentimes elicit. 

Can you relate to some or all of these feelings? 

We understand! And we can help!

We've designed a program that takes the frustration and guess work out of teaching your dog the ins and outs of appropriate behavior. 

Take a bit of a breather. Allow our skilled trainers to lay the foundation work with your dog, guiding you every step of the way on how to gain & maintain success with expansion and upkeep. 

Phases of the Program

Phase 1

Meet with your trainer to go over gear, management, boundaries and more, before your pup enjoys individualized 1-on-1 training.

We'll make sure you're set up to get the most out of the Day Training Phase, for optimum success 

-Two (2) Private Lessons of 40-60 minutes

Phase 2
In Home Day Training

Your dog works 1-on-1 with your trainer while you're at work, instilling the foundation behaviors needed your dog needs for everyone to be successful and happy. Behavior expansion & upkeep are often easier for families to accomplish with their dogs. 

-Up to 16 days of 1-on-1 Day Training

Phase 3
Follow Through Lessons

Feel confident in expansion & upkeep of the foundation skills taught during the Day Training phase. Our trainers will ensure you have a complete understanding of the behaviors taught, so you can see success outside of the "school" setting.

-Three (3) Private Lessons of 40-60 minutes 

What Could Your Dog Learn?:

-Politely wait to get leashed up, instead of dancing around or backing away

-Calmly walk on leash, no more intense arm workouts

-No longer jump on you or guests and instead nicely greet everyone

-Stay off of counters/tables/etc, ensuring your food is safe from greedy foodies

-Stop barking at strangers/dogs/etc, making it easy to enjoy the simple things with your dog



Program Details

-Two (2) Pre-Day Training Lessons, one per week; Each lesson is appx 40-60 minutes and take place in the  dogs home. Pup Parents MUST be present for these lessons

-Up to Twelve (12) Day Training Days, our trainer(s) will work 1-0n-1 with your dog; Pup parents are NOT present for these; duration will vary depending on what is being covered and how well your dog takes to it, as well as whether the day is a field trip day or not: expect times between 40 minutes - 2 hours

~Each 1-on-1 session is recorded, then uploaded and sent to you via a private YouTube link, allowing you lifetime access to your dogs training

~Your dog will get at least two (2) training field trips to dog friendly establishments (indoor and outdoor places used; outdoor depends on weather)

~We strongly believe in allowing dogs time to just be dogs, so your dog may also get a "Fun Field Trip" day, where they get to sniff and explore, play and romp around and just be a dog. As a bonus, your dog will get a mini spa trip, to ensure they return home fresh & clean

-Up to two (2) "Happy Hikers" Enrichment Hikes , to give your pups an appropriate outlet for their natural instincts; This is also a great way to work on recall and other behaviors around distractions; Pup parents are NOT required to be present ,but are welcome to come along!

Note: We go on hikes through varying local parks, and often use the AllTrails app to find great places for your pups to explore and just be a dog 

-Three (3) Follow Through Lessons, one per week; Lessons can be in person or virtual; Pup parents MUST be present; Each lesson is appx 40-60 minutes

-Twelve (12) Months Ongoing Support, to feel assured and confident in your newly aquired skills; Up to 2 virtual lessons per month for up to 6 months; each lesson is appx 40-60 minutes

We've Included In Your Program:

-Slip Leash                 -Place Bed

-Chew Toy                  -Puzzle Toy

-Short Leash                -Long Line

These are some of the tools we use often in the training process, as well as things as an outlet for your dog. Other suggestions are likely to be made, specific to your dog.

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