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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our

Frequently Asked Questions.

Should I be present for Training?



We find it is imperative that parents/families take an active part in their dogs training in order to achieve desired results.All of our programs are set up to have full family involvement in the training process through homework, lessons and ongoing support.

We require that families actively work with their dogs outside of the short window we are working you and/or your dog. Families that don't put in short training sessions a day will not get as effectifve results.

Do you hold any certifications?

 Trainer Cindy & Dan have both studied under phenomenal a mentor, learning hands on, from the ground up, how to work with dogs of varying ages, breeds, temperaments and more. In addition to hands on learning, Trainer Cindy has taken and passed Catch Canine Trainers Academy's Master Class and earned her CDTK (Certified Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed). Trainer Trainer Cindy is a Certified Family Dog Mediator and is also Certifed in Pet Nutrition through NAVC.

Cindy & Dan are both Pet CPR & First Aide Certified.  

What Training Methods do you use?


Here at Canine Revolution RI we work with positive reinforcement methods to teach behaviors. However, we also believe each family should be free to choose their training style/method based off of personal preference as well as the needs of their individual dog(s). Because of this belief, we work hard to remain educated in varying training styles/methods and techniques. Our dedicated trainers will walk you through the options, the pros & cons and stand by your training preferences, always. 

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