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Puppy training in RI

Doggy JumpStart

We all love our dogs, but they all have some pesky behaviors we just wish we could get under control.


Perhaps you just brought home a new puppy who is chewing everything and leaving puddles and landmines everywhere for you.


Or maybe you have a dog that leaves craters in your yard, making it hard to enjoy the space without fear of a twisted ankle.


Does your dog bark like crazy when guests arrive, or become jumping beans that never have all four paws on the floor?

This program was designed with you in mind. We give you the tools you need to say "So Long" to those pesky problem behaviors.

Would You Like Your Dog To:

-Respond consistently to their name

-Respect boundaries and space


-Stop Destroying furniture or clothes

-No longer bombard the door when guests arrive


-Appropriately greet family & friends



Program Details*:

-Up to Four (4) In Home Private Lessons, to teach you how to work with your dog or puppy to bring about positive behavior changes.

Note: each lesson is about 40-45 minutes

-Three (3) Months Ongoing Support, which includes up to two (2) virtual lessons per month, as well as unlimited email support, to give you peace of mind should an issue arise after program completion.

Note: ongoing support lessons can be in person depending on trainer availability, but is not guaranteed.


Your dog will also receive:

-Treat Pouch


-Place Blanket

-Appropriate Chew Toy

-Certificate Of Completion

-Access to our private Facebook Group

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