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in home dog training

Elevate Your Success

Aren't you tired of having to chase your dog to leash them up or take something away, which often leads to an unwanted game of keep away or tug? 

Are walks a nightmare, with your dog zigzagging all around, nearly tripping you, or pulling so hard you fear your arms may actually be pulled clear off?


Have you stopped bringing your dog out because of pulling, barking, lunging, at other dogs/people/cars/etc? 

You often wonder what happened to having a dog you could take out and about with you? Where did things go wrong? What do you do now?

We understand how tough it can be, living with a dog who just won't listen and frequently is getting into trouble.


Imagine no longer wanting to pull your hair out at the constant flow of naughty behaviors.  

Finally, your dog will come when called, no longer pull on the leash, respond to you the first time, say hi to people without jumping, behave politely in public and so much more! 

Why send your dog away for weeks on end to learn in someone else's home when your dog could be gaining a better understanding by learning in their own environment.

If You Want Your Dog To:

-Walk politely on leash instead of being here, there and everywhere

-No longer play a game of chase when trying to be leashed

-Politely seek & receive attention, instead of getting over excited

-Ignore distractions and focus on you

-And More

Program Details*:

-Five (5) Private Lessons, One (1) lesson per week; pup parents MUST be present and each lesson is about 45-60 minutes

NOTE: lessons consist of going over previous homework & current struggles,  fine tuning previously learned behaviors as needed, teaching new behaviors and brushing up on management & handling skills

-Up to Two (2) Fido's Fun Training Field Trips: at a pet friendly establishment to work on behaviors in the places you and your dog will want to visit most; This is in addition to the in home lessons

NOTE: these can be scheduled the same week a lesson is scheduled for (ie. if you had a lesson on a Monday, you could do a field trip that Wednesday)

-Six (6) Month Ongoing Support Guarantee: Up to two (2) virtual lessons per month as well as unlimited email support, to give you peace of mind should an issue arise, after completion of the program

Note: Ongoing support lessons can be in person depending on trainer availability


Your dog will also receive:

-Weekly Homework

-Place Blanket

-Treat Pouch

-Certificate of Completion at the end of your program

-Appropriate Chew Toy

-Access to Private Facebook Group

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