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RI dog trainer, stop leash pulling

Join the Canine Revolution

"Dog Training is more than just giving commands; it's about fostering a lifelong bond and understanding with your furry friend" ~unknown

In Home Dog Training Services in Rhode Island and
surrounding areas in MA & CT

*Also Offering Virtual Lesson Options!*


Are you tired of your dog making guests uncomfortable with their antics?  Imagine being able to have people over without your dog jumping, barking or mouthing.

Are walks stressful and more of a 'tug of war' match than the enjoyable leisure stroll you wish they'd be? Or do you avoid them for the most part because your dog will go crazy if they see other dogs/people/squirrels/etc? Is your dog constantly zigzagging? Don't you want to be able to walk your dog without the pulling, lunging, or barking? Picture having a nice walk, with your dog relaxed by your side, focused on you instead of all over the place.

Can't enjoy dinner because your dog is a notorious food thief? Is nothing safe on your counters or table? Wouldn't it be great to prep your meals without losing ingredients to your food snatching pup and finally EAT in peace. 

You're not alone. We help families just like yours everyday. A lot of families have similar struggles and many of them come to us after having tried other options yet still have the same problems.  

Let us take the frustration out of training and show you how to achieve an enjoyable life of adventure and peaceful companionship with your dog.

Our friendly & experienced trainers are ready to get you and your dog on a path to enjoyable co-existence.



Services We Offer


"JumpStart"  your dogs extraordinary training journey!

Struggling with mouthing, digging, counter surfing and other minor nuisance behaviors?

Learn fun new ways to incorporate training into your daily life without making drastic changes to your routine while bringing about good behavior changes.


Your dogs deserve to embark on a journey of adventure and joy.

Our guided hikes and training field trips are not just walks; they're opportunities for your furry friend to explore nature & stimulate their senses, unleash their inner explorer and solidify their commands in various environments.



Unleash the beauty in your furry friend!

Elevate your pups well being with our convenient in home basic grooming services! Suitable for pups of all ages and sizes.  

From therapeutic baths to nail trims, we cater to your pups unique needs, ensuring they look and feel their absolute best!


Ashley B.

“My boy Ice  used to be super reactive towards people and cars...He went to dog school in our area...but his reactivity was worse...I was able to see results within TWO WEEKS OF VIRTUAL LESSONS"

Viviana L.

"Don't know where to start but let me say they are amazing. I have a BIG Boerboel... From his first lesson we saw a big difference...Thanks so much for helping us out with Duke"

Carol Y.

“The transformation in our puppy (and us) has been amazing...They're skilled trainers who took the time to get to know our entire family & what goals we wanted to achieve.”

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Text: 401-332-7410

Note: All calls will go to voicemail and will be answered with a text message within 2-3 business days to schedule a time for a call back or evaluation


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